100 Physical Education Activities
by Denis O'Driscoll
AuthorHouse UK

"From a sitting position the child raises his body off the ground so that his weight is supported by hands and feet."

In an age of computer and sedentary hobbies, the role of physical education in schools is that much more important. Physical movement and development remain crucial to the child's growth and health. This book aims to educate teachers, parents, and anyone else in charge of children's well-being of the importance of remaining active and the methods by which to achieve this. Using data drawn from official sources in the physical education industry, the book presents 100 child-friendly exercises and physical games that can be done with little to no equipment, in any space you have available.

The exercises are presented with incredibly simple, bare-bones explanations that are as concise as they are easy to follow. Arranged mostly in alphabetical order, many of the exercises have fun names like "Foot Fencing" and "Sewing Machine." While some exercises do require a group of kids in order to work, and the book is clearly aimed at professional PE teachers, there is plenty to be gained from it as a regular parent or guardian. Most of the activities are simply fun ways to get kids up and moving, through games that they won't even realize are stretching and exercising their bodies. Some work out certain parts of the body, others are full-body cardio workouts, and some are great exercises in teamwork along with physical strength. A number of tips for teachers are included after the activities, along with a small section on the value of skipping rope. Whether you're looking to run an entire class or just trying to plan a fun and active afternoon, this little guide is an extremely approachable resource.

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