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by Raghallach O Raghallaigh
Trafford Publishing

"pancrator planets planned?
plato would not champion santa clauses cause?
tho children are charmed thereby
Respectfully revise barcan? [cabba]
Santa failed to materialize [this year]"

This startling collection of poetry addresses a wide variety of subjects. Written in free verse, the author employs a mixture of English, Gaelic language, invented words, numbers, misspellings, even punctuation like parenthesis in unusual places to get the point across. Some pages of the book feature a list of random words, and most of the poetry seems to be mixing English language with a Gaelic tongue, with some German and French words sprinkled in. Some parts are written only in capital letters, but most of the book is written in small caps.

The author addresses disparate topics, such as the excerpt about Santa Claus above, American presidents, being Jewish, Marie Antoinette, American actresses, and many others, all scattered in different places throughout the book. The black and white art in the middle of the book is just as startling as the text—bean cans soaring through the window, cat with electrodes on his head, a person starving in the desert, to name a few. The cover of the book features a moon over a cracking, blue landscape. For the average person, the small font is somewhat of a challenge to read, as is comprehension of the Gaelic language. This book is not meant to be read from cover to cover, but rather by a randomly chosen paragraph. Great for readers who speak Gaelic and like free-flowing poetry about a variety of topics, and perhaps the random, tangential thoughts inspired by chaos.

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