144 Thousand and Speaking in Tongues
by Melvin Winfrey

"I have never heard a false prophet that can lie so much as R.G. Stair from South Carolina."

This is a literalist approach to Biblical exegesis with a very strong millennialism theme, the author interpreting much of Revelation through current historical events. The destruction of the twin towers on 9/11 signaled the opening of the first seal, the fall of Saddam Hussein fulfilled Haggai 2:22, and terrorism is God’s method of punishing us for our unbelief. The “wine of the wrath of her fornications” passage in Rev. 14.8 symbolizes people getting angry about rising food and energy prices. He follows the Protestant standard of equating the Catholic papacy with Anti-Christ, but otherwise has a unique approach to the order and progression of eschatological events. His mission is to correct our understanding of Bible prophecy because the end times are filled with false and lying prophets and teachers waiting to deceive.

Composed almost completely from passages from the Bible accompanied by his own interpretations, the writer earnestly sets forth his understanding of Biblical truth. Speaking in Tongues is interpreted as being only knowledge of foreign languages that the twelve Apostles manifested on Pentecost as a Gift of the Spirit, not modern glossolalia. His informal “dividing” of the Word of God, a word he uses to describe his method, “goes” from passage to passage defending his arguments. The writer seems to be particularly aggrieved by Ralph Gordon Stair, the controversial radio preacher who leads a commune in South Carolina. Also a millennialist, Stair comes in for repeated censure and much of Winfrey’s book is devoted to correcting Stair’s mistaken biblical interpretations. A number of grammatical and spelling errors mar the integrity of the text. They do not obscure the meaning, however, the result being a fearless exposition of a Biblical message that the author is eager to share with world.

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