3 Sprites and a Bed
by Sandra C. Addis

"It was exasperating that she couldn't tell anyone about the Sprites' predicament. Who would believe her story anyway?"

This is a creative fairy tale that revolves around a fifteen year-old girl and her efforts to save three diminutive Sprites from the curse of a magic spell that will leave them silent and solidified within the carvings of an antique headboard. When Emily becomes aware of their dilemma after visiting the Castle Antiques shop, the young teen makes a valiant effort to raise enough money to buy the bed and save the gossamer-winged beauties from an undesirable fate. In true fairy tale fashion, from the "Once Upon A Time" opening to the "happily ever after" ending, Addis adds the inevitable touch of evil to contrast the goodness of Emily and her curious new friends. Wickedness arrives from another planet, tempered in the form of a large and unattractive woman wearing an odd blue-green cowgirl outfit. As this giant Aqua Woman holds the key to unlocking the spell, ultimately readers will witness some major character transformations and discover Emily's own ancestral revelations.

Filled with magic and dominated by real and whimsical female characters, the book seems targeted towards a young female audience. The author provides a gentle and imaginative escape through an artful blend of modern day and fantasy. Solid illustrations brightly showcase the details of the narrative and help the chapter storyline move at a steady pace. While creative highlights are evident in the playful fairy-like entities and garish antagonist, there is a greater value at the heart of the tale. Addis presents an upstanding teenage character who is smart, hard-working, kind-hearted, and family oriented. She also knows how to keep a secret. Such sweet sentiments are not often associated with today's adolescents, but here they seem genuine in this magical, entertaining read.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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