50 Favs of the '60s '70s '80s
by Fred John Del Bianco, Jr.

"Ironically, another controversial, but even more blatantly outspoken, show (again on CBS) would soon emerge just two years later, not only surviving, but also becoming the number one show on television for five consecutive seasons."

The study of history usually focuses primarily on a society's politics, wars, natural disasters, and human rights as well as its achievements and innovations in the areas of weaponry, architecture, and infrastructure. Occasionally, a small section in a textbook will be devoted to the arts and literature of a specific country that somehow managed to have long-lasting effects on world culture. Sometimes, though, one will find a book devoted almost exclusively to the things of the past which captured our collective imagination for briefer moments. This is what the author achieves in his entertaining and informative look back at the sports teams, movies, entertainers, and noteworthy events that intrigued Americans in three pivotal decades of the twentieth century.

Limiting his book to the 1960s, '70s, and '80s, Del Bianco offers his readers a chance to either relive or learn about 150 of the more well-known figures and occurrences that colored the time period. Although he does touch on a few major historical items such as Watergate and the Space Race while also profiling some of the politicians of the era, most of his concentration is on topics such as a decade's iconic rock groups, popular TV shows, or famous athletes.

While Del Bianco freely admits that many of his choices for inclusion in the book stem from his personal connection to them, his selection is broad enough to act as a good introduction to the popular culture of the thirty years he covers. The result is a well-written and revealing glance in life's rear view mirror at the music, people, and pastimes that once so captivated us.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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