50 Ways to Get Your Way
by Juliet Huck
The Huck Group

"This book is for those who need: a verdict, a job, a raise, a child to get good grades..."

A tiny book based on the author’s work in persuasive tactics, this work not only gives 50 ways to get your needs met but also has eight sayings from her father who was a farmer. The author notes that she wanted to get away from the farm but, in the end, has seen that this “country upbringing” has been beneficial for her own success regarding exploring human behavior. In 120 pages, the book explores issues such as the Golden Rule, narcissism, listening, story, patience, emotional connectors, creativity, and self-awareness. Each of the fifty sayings is accompanied by a paragraph defining these words of wisdom which are followed by a “Note to Self” such as “The biggest ego = the most insecure” and “Don’t sell yourself short.” The book also has photographs that help define the saying, including the ending photos of the family homestead.

A cute book with basic sayings, it offers wisdom about the world and how to get along with others while still getting your own needs met by persuasive communications. Often, the wisdom is about working beyond your own needs, which tends to go against the rather narcissistic title and view of how to win your way with others. It is easily read in about 20 minutes but should be read and savored slowly, perhaps by taking on one of the discussions daily. The photos add to the image of the beauty of life and should also be savored as the creative along with the intellectual input of the writing. This would make a good coffee-table book or a sweet gift.

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