5am Blue
by Don Jones

"Right before 5:00 a.m., an amazing thing occurs that the untrained mind is unaware of….the occurrence of night turning into day."

Adonis is a light-skinned African American who was stationed in Japan for three years in the Navy. While there, the 25-year-old planned to learn judo and work as a photographer for a small magazine. Japan presented a new way of life, almost as if America and Iowa had flickered away. But he understood that focusing on real people and places he knew would dislodge such feelings. Adonis had a big ego and an aggressive sexual nature he called ‘Wolf.' Soon he demonstrated this by encounters with Lola from Italy, local Kaori, German-born Celeste, and co-worker Princess. Amazing sex was reported back by phone to his best friend. Two of these women would have a tremendous impact on his life—one of potential doom and the other as a mentor. Both were a warning that his actions had consequences.

The author’s commentary on sights in Japan, especially Tokyo, will capture readers interested in world travel. His Navy gang introduced Adonis to a nightlife where bars close at 10:00 am. He attended a Sumo wrestling match. He sampled Japanese foods from mom-and-pop shops. His favorite vending drink tasted like a pancake breakfast. Advice concerning jet lag and disorientation are helpful. Torrid sex scenes incite male readership without resorting to vulgarity. Adonis describes an encounter as “…the kind of sex you see in movies…that you hope you will have when you first start thinking about sex…”

Jones wrote this 130-plus page novel in first person narrative―suitable for the main character’s strong personality. Title and chapter headings orient events to times of the day. The book’s ending hints at personal growth—a maturity hard won in Japan. Jones mentions in the storyline that he plans to write more “at another time, in another place.” His subject matter should draw fans from the millennial generation.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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