"Now, can someone as ordinary as you and I interact with God? Yes, you can."

The author has condensed his exploration of the Bible into seven lessons. Accompanying each lesson, he cites biblical wisdom and offers practical advice. The first is “Don’t Worry,” detailing the negative effects of worry and citing biblical messages reminding us that God will order our lives. Next is “Think Big.” Don’t assume you can’t accomplish great things; remember that God will give us more than we expect. Lesson three is the admonition, “Not Everyone Will Like You,” because the righteous path is not for everyone. “The Secret Ingredient – Faith” reminds us that religious conviction will drive us towards our goal. “Study, Study, Study” advises us to devote ourselves to continual learning about employment or any subject that will advance us in life, offering suggestions for gathering information effectively. Lesson six is that “Bad Things Happen to Good People,” but that should not discourage us. The final lesson is to “Always Do Your Best,” even when it may seem that your best is not good enough.

Rowe has created a short, simple, and useful guide to living well, offering guidelines gleaned from his personal study and reflection. The author, born in Jamaica, overcame poverty to achieve academic and professional success and now resides with his family in Canada. He has, therefore, “walked the walk” that underpins the advice he seeks to share. His writing is simple and accessible, and his book has been organized very well around his seven central points. He presents useable suggestions and realistic examples in a way that any reader can understand. All of his advice is based on Christian principles, so his book is most likely to appeal to those who share his faith-based beliefs. Rowe’s neatly arranged manual could be used in an educational context and also as a focal point for religious study groups.

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