"Using quality practice exams followed by a routine, comprehensive review will result in an improved MCAT score in the medium to long term."

So you want to attend a medical school and understand that acceptance depends on your scaled scores from a Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)? Since the MCAT is the prerequisite for admission to nearly all medical schools in the US and Canada, students need time to study in advance. The publisher of this paperback book presents a two-part preparatory option for you and your parents to consider. The combination provides a total of seven tests, having answers only available online, with online access to interactive review and a discussion community.

The publisher’s approach greatly reduces the chances that testers are referencing static, outdated information. A website associated with the book provides guest access to information about upcoming MCAT test dates and locations, registration, and finding MCAT test scores. Sample test questions followed by explanations are viewable online. Owners of the book can even sign-up to have test access for a full year.

The editors have taken into consideration a parent’s main concern: an accurate testing and learning tool for their student. Also reassuring is that the content developers consist of professionals with MD or Ph.D. degrees. The material for each test can be read with ample time to consider and select multiple choice answers within the allotted window, while the test and break times mimic that of the actual MCAT testing. Answer sheets provided at the end of the book can even be scanned for online scoring. Students and their parents may rest assured that purchasing this book with its online access card makes for a low-cost, high-quality preparation tool. The bonus science summaries at the end of the book should also prove useful for students who wish to review before taking the actual MCAT test.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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