9/11: The Unanswered Questions
by Ramesh S Arunachalam
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"Taken together...I strongly believe that the 9/11 Commission completely failed in its job of unearthing the real facts and circumstances behind the 9/11 crime."

Arunachalam has spent sixteen years analyzing all information available regarding the unique event he refers to as “the 9/11 crime.” What initially peaked his curiosity were these facts: on no other occasion has a tall, multistoried building made of steel collapsed due to fire, and that day three such buildings, all newly-acquired by the same person, collapsed. He asks both himself and his readers if this could be a coincidence.

Other questions left unresolved after the 9/11 commission’s report center on two issues—missing evidence and conflicts of interest. Evidence ignored: the identity theft of four living Muslims claimed to have died on the airplanes; the removal of steel from the crime scene before being properly investigated; and testimonies of eyewitnesses who claimed they heard multiple explosions similar to implosion discharges. Regarding the commission, there were major issues of ignored conflict of interest. Executive director Zelikow had immediate ties to the Bush administration. Other commission members were connected to stakeholders who worked for companies designing the NAS and its security software meant to share information between FAA and NORAD etc. There are even additional questions such as who still had access to NAS software on 9/11, and why were significant people not interrogated?

This expository work will be an eye-opener to many. The author means to spark concern that a new commission review is needed to answer questions posed. Not to be dismissed as another conspiracy theory, this book’s purpose is to inform and provoke deep thinking into that tragic day―a watershed event equal in significance to Pearl Harbor. In this, it succeeds admirably. The use of footnotes is also exhaustive, and twelve appendices helpfully document resources. Readers will especially be engaged reading Appendix 2 where official quotes from those on-site at the towers describe explosions. Regardless of the implications, reading their 102 sworn testimonies is like reliving that unforgettable day again.

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