A Deadly Homecoming: A Toni Day Mystery
by Jane Bennett Munro

"'I’ll be ready,’ I said, ‘Death mask and all.'"

Pathologist Toni Day is back at it again with another mystery to solve! Toni and her husband Hal find themselves back in Toni’s hometown of Long Beach, California to help her mother’s best friend Doris find her husband Dick. But when Doris suddenly falls ill and ends up in a coma, Toni and Hal begin to unravel some of the mysteries hidden deep within the historic house that Doris and Dick share—a house that Doris herself believed to be haunted. Secrets become unearthed as Toni explores the house to find the answers... as well as a body and a new murder mystery to solve. Decades upon decades of schemes and serial murders are hidden within the walls of the haunted house. Can Toni solve everything before she herself becomes a victim?

Munro has done it again with another exciting and well-hatched mystery. It is a fun and entertaining story with an extremely enjoyable cast of characters. Sassy Toni Day leads the charge as a fun yet relatable character with a knack for solving mysteries. The tone and pacing match perfectly with the story, leaving you incapable of putting the book down for fear of missing out. All of the twists and turns that Munro weaves beautifully throughout will leave mystery lovers craving more. An exciting and intense story with the unknown paranormal element thrown into the mix for an extra element of fun, this is a mystery that will not only satisfy mystery lovers but will also draw in newcomers to the genre with its energetic and enjoyable characters. Readers will eagerly await the next mystery for Toni Day to solve!

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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