A Hero in Gray
by Cherie L. Braham
Trafford Publishing

"Gray is a hero because he has to remember he is strong, but it's ok to cry."

Grayson is a little boy with bright eyes and an infectious smile. He is a kind, good-hearted soul who loves to spend time with his friends and family members. In many ways, Grayson is much like other little boys. He loves to play ball with his puppy, and he tolerates playing "Princess" with his younger cousin. Grayson is also a hard worker; he helps his grandpa with chores on the farm. When he needs a break from chores, Grayson enjoys spending time with his grandma as she sews.

Grayson's home life can also be described as typical, in that having a stepdad and spending time with two families is widely accepted as normal these days. But there is one thing that sets Grayson apart from most boys his age. Grayson is fighting cancer. His dad takes him to lots of doctor's appointments and sometimes, Grayson doesn't want to go. However, with the support of his loving family, Grayson stays strong and brave-even when he has to receive chemotherapy. Because of Grayson's bravery, he is a hero to his family and friends.

This picture book is a beautifully written and colorfully illustrated story of a real child who is bravely coping with major medical treatments. Pediatric cancer is notoriously challenging to treat, and children who are fighting it can certainly use all the support they can get. However, this book isn't only suitable for other pediatric patients and their young friends; other children can benefit from learning about the differences and strengths of other people. The book religious references throughout the narrative.

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