"I wish to live here at this secret tor - a homeland dell, forever."

Queen Rachael of Hinderland—a ruler with love and compassion for her subjects—is traveling with her father and several knights when she discovers a paradise and dubs it Homeland Dell. The land is exquisite with a beautiful pond, an orchard with fruit and nut trees, and an abundance of gorgeous wildlife. The Queen finds it almost magical. Once she returns to Hinderland, she dreams of purchasing the land and beginning a new community to aid her people with jobs, food, and security. Before she can do so, however, her father goes missing. Now Queen Rachael must find her father, create a way to help all her subjects who are hungry or without jobs, and purchase Homeland Dell to start a new community—all while falling in love. Many years later, the property of Homeland Dell is still a community with Queen Rachael's descendants: the cousins Rachael Dee and Rachael Lee. They are both just like their ancestor, forming fundraisers, saving the jobs of the residents, and helping the youth of the community.

Roy has created an alluring story for young readers stressing the importance of community and family history. A unique and interesting feature of the book is that the author begins each new chapter with a family recipe and ends each chapter with a synopsis of a family heirloom along with a poem or song showing her devotion to her ancestry. Combining the past with modern day, Roy describes how generations can learn from one another and carry traditions in their hearts to share with both family and friends. It is clear from her series that the author has a deep passion for family customs and culture, helping her community, and showing hospitality to those in need. She teaches her young readers about her strong beliefs in this whimsical and entertaining tale.

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