A Little Power Prayer Book for Your Daily Living
by Mina Petersen
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"Heavenly Father, teach me to walk in a forgiving heart that is filled with gentleness, kindness, the love of Christ, and is very quick to forgive."

A simple, brightly illustrated collection of prayers, this book offers comfort, courage, and biblical truth to both the faithful and those seeking a new faith base. Each prayer is accompanied by a color illustration integral to the text, rendering artistic satisfaction to the reader as they search for the prayer that will have the most relevance for a given situation. Thirty prayers are offered, probably to give a choice for each day of the month. Many of the prayers consist almost totally of ascribed biblical verses, while others are of the author’s composing. Others are a combination of both. The prayer titles include such poetically conceived phrases as “My Soul Thirsts for You,” “I Decree the Word Over Your Life,” and “Prayer of Spiritual Warfare Against Your Enemies.” Thus, the reader can match the mood to the circumstance in selecting prayers.

Author Petersen is from Liberia and now lives in the US where she had the experience of being born again as a Christian. Her writing is presented to her family of believers as well as those in need of religious solace from other perspectives. She has carefully chosen the accompanying pictures ranging from images as simple as the word “wisdom” inscribed on a stone, to an illustration of an angelic being conquering an enemy, to a classic portrait of Jesus with his disciples kneeling beside him. Some depict hands—hands in prayer, strong hands clasping smaller ones, and two hands together making the sign of a heart. Petersen’s use of language, though not flawless, shows inner strength matched with empathy toward others. This, her first book, is an admirable effort at Christian outreach that could serve as a helpful aid to those looking for the right words to initiate and sustain their prayer life.

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