A Little Rebellion, Now & Then, Is a Good Thing
by Alan M. Hallene, Jr.

"Congressman Crain and his associate Tim McConnell were lying on the top steps of the library in blood-soaked clothes."

Andy Crain, a congressman from Scranton, Pennsylvania is not exactly a household name when he delivers a speech proposing term limits for legislators and a ban on lobbying in order to influence politics. His radical beliefs do, however, cause those in power to decide that he poses too great a threat, and secretly a plan is concocted to assassinate him after the speech. A mysterious and fateful intervention, though, causes the first shot to miss, and Andy’s lifelong friend and campaign manager Tim McConnell protects Andy from the second. Rushed to the hospital, Andy and Tim are comatose at first but later determined to see their vision for the country through. However, the conspiracy that almost claimed their lives may be closer to home than either one of them would suspect.

Full of brave political ideas, heartwarming characters, and a sinister conspiracy that begins unfolding from the very first chapters, this book is hard to put down once it’s begun. While the assassination plot and the conspiracy that link a local milk products company to drugs and steering the political discourse take center stage, one of this book’s biggest strengths is the interaction between the main characters: “The Scranton Six.” There are parallels between current political issues and Andy’s offered solutions, and while the protagonists provide a strong sense of idealism, it’s not hard to imagine a similar situation playing out were a politician to make such proposals. That balance of fictional sensationalism and plausible realism is what makes this story so compelling. Any reader disenfranchised with how legislation works these days or those simply looking for a good conspiracy story will be drawn in immediately.

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