A Poetic Insight into Womanhood
by Curtis-Roy Worrall
Trafford Publishing

"The strength in you compels me also to be so strong.
And the will of mankind will surface in
me, and then we can collaborate."

This small book of poetry deals playfully with intense subjects, many of which are sexually charged. Each woman the author describes is young and beautiful, objects of his admiration, though this is not always mutual. Memorable poems in the book discuss timely issues such as the battle between different generations of females to define womanhood or the fact that as male or female “We are equal, but not the same!” “The Vegetarian Black Widow” records the author’s hope that a female will not devour him as notorious spiders do their mates.

The author has mastered many poetic devices. The words of the poem “What a Gem” form the shape of a crystal. He has also applied rhythm within a poem about platonic relationships: “your friend, not your lover...like a sister, not like a mother.” Worrall’s use of allegory shines brightly in two other poems, “Models” and “Façade.” One of his many seductive characters says, “If I was a letter I would be a beautiful font.” Another claims her facade as that of a “fantastic actress.”

Any pain of rejection is whimsically hidden as Worrall unwraps female thoughts to gain understanding for himself and an audience of either sex. The author uses humor to offset the mind trick played in all of these poems, drawing a person inside the head of a man writing as a woman. Readers must smile even as they are recruited at times to become analyst/editor. Is this the female’s or the males’ thoughts? There are several misspelled words throughout. However, the poet’s audience is unlikely to care too much as these unique poems produce empathy for the author and intrigue in the reader, who will be busy puzzling through a game of role-reversal.

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