A Shocking Surprise
by Bonnie Jampol

"Abigail sat on the bed and thought, I don’t remember this feeling being this bad before. She just knew it was different from her other feelings. It was the worst she’d ever had."

Abigail, more affectionately known as Abby, grew up in a family that was full of love, with her mother and father leading the way and setting a virtuous example for her and her five younger siblings. True to form, as Abby was preparing for the biggest event of her life, all of her loved ones were gathered around lending her their full support to make her day as smooth as possible. Yet something still just wasn’t right. Abby was prone to having strange feelings before something big happened in her life, but the feeling she got on her wedding day was unlike one she had ever had before. She couldn’t figure out what was causing the disturbance as she was head over heels in love with her groom-to-be and was sure that the feeling wasn’t pre-wedding jitters. Then, with one interaction, the source of the feeling became clear to her, and everything she thought she knew about her life quickly became a mystery as her world came tumbling down around her.

The author brilliantly brings the importance of the family unit to the forefront throughout the entire story by utilizing tender, heartfelt language to tie a devoted group of individuals together—for better or worse. With a moving story about familial ties, the fear of loss, and the adjustments that come along with new additions, Jampol makes it clear that no matter what might be going on in life, there is always a lesson to be learned that will ultimately bring everyone even closer together.

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