"To be an effective classroom teacher, it is important to have effective classroom management strategies."

This practical, research-based guide for teachers provides a well-organized track through familiar topics related to classroom management tips, techniques, and strategies. Bouie covers the core components of a well-run classroom which include getting to know your students, setting limits and clear classroom procedures, and using time wisely. She also offers teacher-tested tips for handling discipline and classroom conflicts and for encouraging parental involvement.

Bouie’s experience as a teacher, researcher, and leader informs each chapter as she draws from timeless educational truths as well as current classroom trends particularly related to discipline and the classroom environment as a viable learning space. New teachers will find many helpful suggestions listed which cover the basics of classroom management. These suggestions are provided in easily accessible lists and bullet points that can be browsed based on needs.

Bouie does not break any new ground with these classroom management strategies, but her experience as a practitioner lends credibility to the tried and true qualities of these guidelines. Innovative practices and exciting technology cannot be effectively harnessed if a classroom is not effectively managed. Thus, The author’s text is a foundational professional read for teachers that will allow them to engage their students academically once they foster “a workable classroom environment.” She motivates teachers to spend equal amounts of time on classroom management and teaching curriculum. Any teacher, novice or otherwise, who has seen a lesson fail because a classroom is out of control will want to read Bouie’s collected research and practical strategies. With the right tools and professional reading, beginning teachers might just make it past the five-year mark and stay in the classroom.

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