Above the Horizons
by Rodney Neu

"You been waiting on God to do something and God has been waiting on you to do something."

Alluding to the story of Samuel as well as making plenty of modern, real-world comparisons that anyone can relate to, this book is a collection of sermons urging more than the simple worship of God. Functioning as a call to action, the chapters in this book read almost as stream-of-consciousness, a conversational urging to do more with faith than simply attend church and wait for God to handle the rest. Offering nearly two dozen motivational and empowering selections, readers are urged to start doing more in their relationship to God, demonstrating their faith by acting on their beliefs rather than waiting for them to be validated first. With stern but caring encouragement, this book serves to give orders to God's army, rather than have them stand around waiting.

Written by an Army reserve chaplain, the sermons collected in this book offer that kind of down-home tough love that people may not want to hear, but can certainly identify with. Rather than getting weighed down in footnotes and repeated references to verses littered throughout the Bible, each idea presented in this book comes from a single bit of Biblical inspiration and sticks with that concept throughout. Relying on that source mostly as inspiration and evidence of how to act, the rest of the text is more practical, relating those ideas to modern situations and showing the solution in action. While a religious affiliation and foundation in faith is assumed for readers who pick up this book, it can function just as well as an introduction or re-introduction to those with an interest in application of Christian concepts.

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