"While I was feeling around in the dark, I found what I thought was a heap of clothing. On closer inspection, I became aware it was a body."

Recently separated from his wife and children, Detective Sergeant Grant Williams is trying to relax after a difficult murder case when he literally stumbles upon bodies in a mine shaft in the dark. The local force from Tumut, in New South Wales, Australia, does not have the expertise nor drive to handle the case, so Grant is assigned to head the investigation. Partnering with one of the local constables, the sexy Sophie Laycock, Grant dives into a world of greed, gold, and murder. He’ll have to depend on his new partner to help him navigate the local characters, a biker gang, and the officers in the Tumut precinct. In the pursuit of the killer or killers, he’ll require the assistance of his specialized crew from Sydney, and he will also need to manage the sexual advances of the lead forensic investigator, Jenny Manning.

Walker writes in a straightforward style and thoroughly explains character motives. Digging into the world of police work, Walker explores many staples of the genre. There are detailed descriptions of the physical changes that bodies go through once they expire, and plenty of talk about DNA testing and fingerprinting. As a character, Sophie adds multiple sexual adventures to Walker’s story. Some readers may feel that the sex scenes are unrealistic, and the mystery too easily figured out, but the book might still titillate readers looking for a sexual fantasy set against a backdrop of a police drama. In addition, the introduction of a marijuana operation and a local biker gang add atmosphere to this thriller.

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