An Occurrence in Big Sur
by Dwight Dixon
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"When they are satisfied with the drug, they’ll market it in the U.S., where it will corrupt and kill the infidels from within their own depraved culture."

A German pharmaceuticals company is forced by a terrorist organization to buy the company of a gifted, autistic chemist and his brother. Before the multi-billion-dollar sale of the company is finalized, the chemist must create a highly addictive, lethal drug. The drug will then be introduced into the illegal drug supply in the United States through a Mexican cartel. This creative plot to kill Americans through their own vices offers an unusual take on the terrorist thriller. The author's idea of using illicit drugs as a weapon iintroduces a totally different kind of chemical warfare in the terrorists’ struggle against the West.

The autistic chemist, Damon, does not want to be a part of creating a lethal drug and is intent on double-crossing the German company. After stalling in the lab for too long, suspicions are aroused, and a crew is dispatched to the Big Sur lab to coerce and threaten. The excitement intensifies as the plot builds and subplots develop revealing the terrorist mission shadowed by the German company.

Romance abounds as well when Damon accidentally hits a woman on the road when he is driving to his home in Big Sur. Clair is in a coma, but Damon cares for her even though she is a stranger to him. When she wakes from the coma, she develops the ability to see the future, a useful gift when Damon and his extended family are pursued by terrorists. Clair and Damon fall in love despite the questionable ethics of their initial encounter. Other romantic entanglements are scattered through Dixon’s fast-moving story rife with sudden developments and unbelievable plot twists. Characters are forced together through coincidence. and the action is extended, fueled by gunfights, close calls, and exotic locales.

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