B.S. Incorporated
by Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss
Wise Ink Creative Publishing

"Anna hesitated for a moment and then sat down. Her look? Somewhere between obstinate and completely pissed off--a narrow range."

Will Evans is a young hotshot who’s risen through the ranks of Business Solutions, Inc., rising up from a warehouse logistics job to his current corporate position as the lead of the new Internal Communications team. The latest addition to his team is Anna Reed, an outside hire who is career-minded and upwardly mobile, always transitioning to something bigger and better before her room for advancement dries all the way up. Along with the other members of the team, they have to navigate the channels of corporate double-speak and bizarre consulting jargon as the copier and office supply company begins an awkward transition that puts people’s jobs and the company’s stock at risk. Can they stand up to the pressures of bad leadership and steer BSI back onto the right path before it’s too late?

Blending a standard office comedy with a touch of the absurd, what makes this book so effective is how much of it rings true even as it focuses on humor. Anyone that’s worked in a large corporation more concerned with culture than identity will instantly be able to draw parallels to their own work experiences. What makes it more than just a satire is the personality and life present in every character in the story—from the core members of the Communications team all the way down to the assistants and underlings that line the company’s hallways, conference rooms, and elevators. Even the setting of the city of Minneapolis plays a vital role in the characterization of this story, framing scenes with its downtown skyways and frigid weather. Cleverly written and entertaining from cover to cover, this is a story for the office worker that needs to know they are not alone in their frustrations while offering up some much-needed laughs.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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