Back Story Alaska
by Lance Brewer
Chapman Publishing

"I don’t know what it is about Alaska that stirs yet calms me."

Lance Brewer admits that his sense of urgency to live life to the fullest may be a character flaw, but he clearly has no regrets. His decision to carve out as much as time as possible to fish, fly, and view wildlife in Alaska is fueled by his passion and love for this unique landscape. A lawyer by trade, the author takes every chance he gets to visit Alaska and eventually establishes Camp Brewer as a base for his experiences. In a wonderful scene near the end of the book, he questions himself in the style of a lawyer questioning a witness about the reasons he came to Alaska. This reflective Q&A tool offers deep self-examination and profound answers about making life decisions out of love and not fear.

As Brewer narrates his Alaskan memories, a cast of characters emerges as companions full of wisdom, humor, questions, and discoveries. His recollections of people and places are moving tributes to a shared journey in a wild land, and his descriptions of the terrain and the wildlife are detailed and awe-inspiring. The photographs that accompany the text are beautiful images full of vivid colors, animals in action, and wondrous scenery. Brewer’s conversational prose is accompanied by delightful poems that echo the themes of each reflective chapter and Alaskan anecdote.

The author’s tone is that of a favorite friend regaling everyone at the dinner table with adventurous tales of Alaska with its wayward bears and moose, the bounty of salmon, and all-weather vistas. This is a man who has found a place in the world that feeds his soul and allows him to live the kind of life in nature that he values. He hears the tick-tock of life going by too fast and refuses to put off the adventures he wants to have today.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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