Beauty of Morality: Volume 2
by Pierre Edens Sully

"Do not search the happiness where it is not. There is the authentic happiness only in this one that comes from the morality."

In this second volume of verses, the author returns to the subject of morality and the benefits of living a proper and respectable lifestyle. The collection is divided into five books, focusing on the various aspects of subjects such as sexuality, work ethic, and being happy. Written in a variety of styles, meters, and rhyming schemes, the book contains hundreds of selections and remains fresh and unique throughout. Each poem includes footnotes that explain the poet’s choice in both vocabulary and grammar, making it possible for teachers to use these poems as a means to both pass on positive life messages or teach the artistry behind poetry. Affirming, uplifting, and inspiring, this book will uplift readers looking for daily guidance or motivation to do the right thing.

Immediately, the first thing that stands out in this collection are the footnotes provided at the end of each poem. Each one of these provides rare insight for the reader into the creative process, either to help discern the word choices that the poet made or to better grasp the symbolism or meanings  beneath face value. Still, these notes are not the star compared to the positivity and wisdom relayed in each line of verse. The lyrical flourishes are combined with the sharing of first-hand reflections on things like the value of hard work or the necessary caution to not let technology rule lives, creating a product that is both artistic and informative. Going beyond the typical textbook format of daily affirmations or positive mantras, this book creates a new style of spreading wisdom that benefits the reader as much on the page as it does when applied in their daily life.

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