"Something enormous was out there. He could see vague shapes in the dust and large rocks flying through the air as if they were being hurled by a huge hand. Then the stench hit his nostrils, a smell worse than rotting garbage or Dean's smelly socks after a footy match at school."

Everyone knows that Bigfoot, also known as the Yowie, is just a legend. Which makes it all the more frustrating when Kyle's journalist father is sent to a small town in Australia to investigate sightings of the mythical creature. Despite making some friends, Kyle also crosses paths with the resident misfits who would love nothing more than to pick on the new kid whose father chases legends. But a chance encounter makes Kyle wonder: What if Bigfoot is not just a legend? After catching a glimpse (and a whiff) of the legendary Australian Yowie, Kyle and his friends embark on a journey to uncover the truth behind the legend, and they help Kyle's father bring back definitive proof of the creature's existence. Their journey unfolds like an classic epic, full of obstacles, soul-searching, and a fair dose of magic. As the kids descend further into the strange world, their quest for proof takes a backseat to survival. Can they come out of this alive?

Bigfoot Adventures Down Under launches a new series for young readers that's sure to entice and excite readers. Cryptozoology and mysticism are brought to life at the hands of Meyer, who crafts young characters as though she can truly see through their eyes. Readers will relate to the plucky protagonists, who must hone their strengths and overcome their weaknesses through their quest. Although the book deals in fantasy, the trials experienced by the kids are all too real and deal with issues like finding a place to belong, testing your courage, and discovering the ties of family and friendship. Part Stranger Things, part The Lost World, this is a thrilling beginning to what's sure to become a new young adult favorite.

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