Blue Collar Poet: 101 Poems
by Rocky Rhoads

"Orbs of fiery yellow
Saint to sinner
Sans blink
Caressing touch
Soft as morning mist
Playful wraith
A downy whirlwind"

Featuring a total of 101 poems, the author's collection expresses thoughts about everyday life and the planet we all share. As the title implies, these poems are presented in a fashion that is accessible to all and values simplicity over rigidity in form. The poems are split into three sections that group the selections into larger, overarching themes. The first section, “Me,” offers poems about the author and her perspective on life events, technology, food, and anything else. The second section, “The Natural World And Its Creatures,” focuses on nature and animals both wild and domesticated. There are several poems under this heading that focus on the poet’s pets and are perfect for animal lovers. The final section is “Of God And Men” which focuses on the poet’s spirituality and the role faith has in humanity.

The "Blue Collar" nature of these poems makes them very easy to comprehend and digest, requiring little in the way of analysis. This straightforward approach makes this volume easy to enjoy and also to share with readers of all ages and backgrounds. Most of the poems occupy a single page, making them perfect for short bursts of inspiration or to take a refreshing break from daily activity. Though these poems take a simplistic approach in their language and design, the sincerity and humanity of their message is in no way diminished. Fans of honest poetry and authors who are not afraid to point out their own shortcomings will be quite entertained with this large batch of poems—perfect for every occasion.

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