Bobby Cinema:
20 Movie and TV Show Plot Summary Ideas!

by Bobby Cinema
Trafford Publishing

"I'm not going to pitch any of these ideas to the tv networks or movie executives to reject it. But I am going to pitch to the world and they can tell me themselves what they think of the idea."

Many of us believe that, given the opportunity, we could do a better job of coming up with ideas for movies and television shows than the networks and Hollywood studios are doing these days. One enterprising young man has decided to take the bull by the horns and let the public be the judge. In his new book, Mr. Cinema has detailed twenty original movie and television show ideas that he would like to pitch to studio and network executives if given the opportunity. From biopics to gross-out comedy, from kiddy shows to action-drama, the author's proposals run the gamut of entertainment genres. Each story pitch is presented in its own chapter, with a heading detailing the idea, genre, and target demographic. For example, there's Bobby Cinema Movie Idea #12, Pop Diva, Action Comedy, Ages 18-35, followed by a brief plot summary. The author invites his readership to decide if his ideas warrant production.

The first member of his Indian family to be born in the United States, he's an actor who has appeared as an extra in various television shows. Cinema has written this book to try to garner public attention where getting attention from "tv networks or movie executives" has thus far failed. Frustrated at the roadblocks he has encountered, he is still resolved to chase his ideal of being a Hollywood screenwriter, inspired by his hero Sylvester Stallone. The book is very short (45 pages); the author could have fleshed his "pitches"–some are so brief that they seem unlikely to accomplish their purpose–and cleaned up various style errors in the text.

Bobby Cinema is the work of a creative young person who clearly loves show business and is determined to make his dreams reality. It could become a cult favorite among those with a similar passion for the entertainment industry.

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