Bringing In Beauty
by Malcolm Pullen
Balboa Press

"Suddenly, everything is different. Beauty is not a stray dog, I am her person and she is my dog."

Over the course of about six months, a man bonds with a stray dog, winning her trust slowly—inch by inch and day by day. The author is a committed animal lover who has fostered a number of pets. He is told of a stray canine that has taken up temporary residence near a local business. Though he has made plans to travel, Pullen makes a month-long commitment to feed and water this dog. She keeps herself so aloof that it takes him several months just to determine that she is a she, but early on he begins to see the “beauty” that becomes her name. Pullen details every visit, describing how close he is able to get to her, how she eats, and how clever she is at dodging his well-planned advances. More months pass, and he is still irresistibly involved with Beauty. She begins to take food from his hand, allows herself to be petted, and finally accepts a leash. Beauty now lives with him in a mutually enjoyable, trusting pet/owner relationship.

Pullen’s book can be read on several levels. There is the obvious interaction with Beauty and the sensations he experiences as he welcomes “beauty” into his life. On his commute to and from Beauty’s lair, he often reflects deeply on aspects of his life both current and past as the contact with the coquettish canine touches his mind and heart. Pullen’s writing style is both intelligent and amusing. By the closing pages of the story, the reader will be cheering for him as he convinces this shy, almost feral canine to trust him and give him her devotion. Animal lovers will be enthralled by this touching tale of one man ‘s gentle conquest of a loveable but elusive canine.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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