"“If you want artisan bread, become your own artisan! Make more than you need, and give it away. People are grateful for real food."

Whether looking for an exciting new home addition or wanting to become more self-reliant and sustainable, this book provides plans and explanations on how to make an oven out of mud and clay for anyone interested. Each chapter breaks down the method and the theory, explaining through both first-hand experience and science as well as through drawn illustrations and photographs by the authors and fans of the previous two editions who followed the steps to create their own beautiful ovens. While creating an oven can sound like a complex endeavor, the authors provide simple, fun directions that can enable anyone to soon begin baking beautiful loaves of fresh bread or hot pizzas ready in just a matter of minutes. With sections on history and troubleshooting potential oven problems, this is the only resource required to create a beautiful and functional work of art that can feed a whole community.

A lot of things make this manual as compelling a do-it-yourself book as any out there. The way the authors structure the book speaks volumes: the first thing readers learn is how to gather materials and create a small oven. Rather than inundate the readers with complex possibilities and technical details, the authors urge the readers to explore and experiment, following a simple design to create something functional and discover the fun. Beyond that, there is an impressive wealth of scientific know-how from airflow design to a perfectly imprecise sourdough recipe. Anything one would need or want to know about designing a homemade earth oven is on display, and a comprehensive reading list is provided for those who might have further questions or interest. It’s impossible to come away from this book without wondering what your own fresh bread and pizzas might taste and feel like.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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