A Call to Stand
by Georgette Loschiavo

"We should ask the people who want to lead us where they are going, and then make sure they really know how to get there."

A Call To Stand, a personal narrative by Georgette Loschiavo, courageously urges Americans to gather their strength and wisdom, and apply themselves to heal themselves—heal America—and create a better world. Fueled with words of determination, while conscientiously refraining from emphasizing blame and anger, Loschiavo passionately urges readers to return to personal, community, and societal responsibility... We must start paying more attention to the issues, so we can work together and keep our elected officials accountable.

Inspired by her years of working with at-risk youth, and her families trials and tribulations, Loschiavo's heartfelt rationalizations emphasize personal accountability, the importance of family, and the need for genuine leadership, not politics. Throughout, A Call To Stand, Loschiavo's down to earth, practical pleas, she seamlessly weaves her admiration for the wisdom of America's founding fathers, while channeling the courage of historical figures like Mother Jones and Anne Hutchinson. 

Courageous and determined, Loschiavo shares her perspective, and visions of how things ought to be... We cannot keep pretending everything is all right! Everything is not all right! We cannot resolve the problems we face, unless we realize and embrace our identity from within, and learn to work together. We must stop look looking for someone else to fix this. We must heal ourselves, America!

Along with the discovery of Loschiavo's unique style and indefatigable spirit, readers will find compassion, intelligence, and genuine thought-provoking wisdom in her call to stand. Evoking the spirit of Alexander Hamilton— "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything." Loschiavo's A Call To Stand will inspire readers to gather their strength and wisdom, and apply themselves to shape a better world.

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