Called to Serve: Rising to the Call
by Marti Szostak
Stratton Press

"Prayer is the highest expression of the Christian spirit of love and it is also its chief nourishment."

Service is one of the core tenets of Christianity, but what exactly does it mean to serve? Is it enough to serve those in our households, families, or just to be there for friends and coworkers that need support? Examining dozens of qualities of what it takes to be a soldier in God’s army, the author’s book provides clarity through explanation and scripture on how to truly serve one’s fellow human beings.

From truly needing God and praying both for oneself and for others to simpler concepts like grace, humility, and forgiveness, the roadmap to being a happy and effective servant of God is presented throughout the text. Each topic incorporates elements of the previous ones to create behavioral and spiritual habits that will round out a person’s understanding of God’s love and what is expected of each of us. Every chapter focuses on a single quality of providing service to others, making this book ideal for reading at a measured pace. Incorporating the lesson of a chapter can then follow, and when that becomes natural and reflexive, the reader can then move on to the next concept.

The information in this book is backed by extensive biblical references as well as respected spiritual thinkers and doers like Mother Teresa, Mother Angelica, the Dalai Lama, and a plethora of saints. Additionally, each section begins with a prayer or thought about the topic and then closes with a distinct prayer asking for help and support in improving that quality. While many people may already feel they know how to serve others in their life, this book will open a lot of eyes concerning the nature of charity and how and to whom one must dedicate their efforts.

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