Chased Across Australia
by Reynold Conger

"Again Cedric pulled out the diagram and went through the plans for the attack. All weapons were checked one last time, and they walked down the road to the bed-and-breakfast."

Action, suspense, and religion play major roles in this tale. Jack and Jill are looking to celebrate their thirtieth wedding anniversary by visiting their son’s family and seeing the sights of Australia. Fate, however, has something else in store for them. Before long, their trip of a lifetime turns into a run for their lives.

It all starts when instructions for a terrorist plot mistakenly wind up on Jack’s computer. Jack and Jill have no knowledge of this, but the terrorists do. Soon the anniversary celebrants are being followed, their room is broken into, feminine wiles are employed to coerce Jack, and the couple is even chased and shot at. Will they be able to stay safe? Will the terror plot be foiled?

Interestingly, those aren’t the only questions that arise. Author Conger has also built a subplot into his story focusing on a young married couple who are reluctant terrorists. Their attempts to retrieve the computerized instructions keep exposing them to Jack and Jill’s devotion to Christianity. Will that exposure turn the young couple away from their evil intent?

Conger is a storyteller capable of keeping a rapid pace without giving short shrift to informative backstories on his principal players. He also does a first-rate job of developing action sequences that maintain a high level of suspense. He does all of this with language that avoids the profanity and vulgarisms often found in thriller genre novels. Readers who appreciate involving yarns that readily acknowledge that lives are frequently changed by a power greater than ourselves will no doubt find much to enjoy in this engaging adventure.

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