"At that point, he didn’t know that it was the symbol of the Tera-Ninja Dragon Clan. As a matter of fact, he didn’t know what a Tera-Ninja actually was, much less that he was one. Or at least half of one."

The Tera-Ninjas are the most powerful warriors ever created—a race of superhumans genetically designed to be incredible weapons. With healing abilities twenty times more than that of a regular person, four times the strength, and the ability to manipulate energy particles around them, they are the ultimate weapons of war. Rejected by some nations but embraced by others, the Tera-Ninjas manage to flourish. But when the emperor is murdered, the empire they once thrived in collapses. It isn’t until many years later that five survivors—Johnny, Sasha, Alex, Cirrus, and Sonia—come together as they try to prevent their world from falling into chaos.

The author’s book is an extremely captivating story that will keep the reader hooked until the very last page. It is a page-turning adventure/sci-fi novel through and through. The histories and anthologies of the Tera-Ninja and the world they exist in are explained slowly during the course of the novel, easily letting the reader dip their toes into this world that Tiwari has created. All of the characters are unique enough to keep one invested in their own individual story arcs, and watching how each tie in with one another as the story progresses is part of the book’s charm. The light-hearted humor sown throughout will keep readers laughing as they interact with each character who becomes integrated into the story. This is the first book in a larger saga, and if the rest are as well-crafted as this one is, this should turn into an entertaining series.

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