Chiseled Intelligence for the Soul: A Thinking Super-Book of Inspiration, Volume 2
by Dr. George D. Naike, Ph.D., FRC.
BookVenture Publishing, LLC

"Infinite is impossible; finite definitely is. The caveat is, it must be correctly identified, defined, aimed for, and then achieved."

Over the course of more than a hundred quotes, the author of this collection provides succinct, profound, and poignant thoughts about both the physical and metaphysical worlds we live in. Each thought is presented as a singular quote from the author, complete with a title and occasionally a dedication to the people or place that inspired it. Topics range from positivity and spirituality to friendship and the existence of the soul, and they are frequently approached with a mixture of gravity and playfulness. The chapters with specific dedications are often written from a position of being thankful and grateful to that chapter’s focus, whether it is on cardiologists, the City of London, or Princess Diana.

Every topic only occupies a single page, ranging from one to three paragraphs, in keeping with the nature of this book as a collection of quotes. At the book’s start, the author asks a question that sets the tone for the entire construction of this series: “Why write a whole chapter if a quote can reflect the total value?” Keeping each section brief and to the point lets the author start his case with brevity and carefully chosen words before handing the consideration off to the reader. These nuggets of wisdom are meant to be introduced and explained only enough to be made clear of their intent and direction, instead of being bogged down by retreading or padding what can be said simply and confidently.

As far as philosophy books go, what makes this volume so appealing is its encouraging nature. There are some heavy ideas and advanced vocabulary used on occasion, but it never supposes anything is too much to handle or too broad a perspective. Instead, the focus is often on starting from within and then applying what we desire and admire and applying it to other human beings and the world we live in. The idea of loving with an open heart or being mindful of our company is visited on multiple occasions as a means to discover truth and to be more at peace with life itself. The text is not really a manual or instructional, and that is what makes it so accessible: the reader doesn’t feel as though they need to change; they are simply presented with some things to consider that could yield a greater sense of contentment or purpose.

By giving each topic a single page with a paragraph or two of reflection and consideration, readers can quickly digest and consider the ideas presented to them without interrupting their entire day or requiring a long stretch of solitude, peace, and quiet. The end result is a philosophy for the modern age. Certainly, the author suggests having time to quietly consider the world around them, but this book enables readers to observe themselves and others with a seed of a thought that can color a whole day. In a couple of minutes, the audience can step back from the book, and apply what they’ve read to their life a little at a time. With respect to the great thinkers who have laid the groundwork for how humanity sees itself, Dr. Naike brings a happy, light-hearted approach to introspection and advice that will resonate with all open-minded readers regardless of their circumstances.

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