by Elizabeth Rea
ReadersMagnet, LLC

"Thanks to the detectives’ hard work and Kate Jeffers’ visions and help, everything has turned."

When eight-year-old Eddie Bryant is abducted, psychic and freelance detective Kate Jeffers teams up with the Atlanta police department to find Eddie and track the kidnappers. As she delves deeper into the case, she finds a close connection between the main kidnapper and Lou Mancini, a drug lord who was involved in the thirteen-year-old unsolved case of her parents’ accident. As her visions give her clues, Kate finds herself working with Lieutenant Whitaker, the lively Gloria, Ronnie, a bouncer, and detectives Williams and Stevens to bring emotional closure to Eddie’s family and her own.

Rea brilliantly combines humor and suspense in this delightful mystery where she focuses on one of Kate’s exciting assignments. Like Allison DuBois in Medium, Kate uses her psychic capabilities to speed up the investigation process and employs her sleuthing skills to uncover culprits and the motive behind the kidnapping. Kate’s interactions with Eddie’s family, the Bryants, are significant since they not only highlight the stress that torments the victim’s loved ones in such situations but also reveal that a possible suspect is hidden among them, thereby guiding Kate toward the kidnapper/Mancini link. Once the case picks up the pace, the chapters swing between the activities of Kate and her companions and Mancini’s shady world as he makes plans to eliminate Kate and secure his money. Determined to bring the miscreants to justice, Kate and her gang display efficiency, courage, and coordination as they execute their risky operation, and it’s deeply satisfying when everything ends well.

Readers will thoroughly enjoy this well-knit plot that includes entertaining characters, some great moments, a smart and lovable heroine, and unexpected turns. Fun and fast-paced, this light-hearted crime novel with its elements of revenge, romance, family bonding, and police work is a charmer.

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