Collision with Destiny
by Stephanie D. Miller
Kingdom Impactors Publishing

"A collision or any life-altering event is never the defining moment of one’s life. Rather, it is a refining moment that accelerates one to his or her destiny."

Stephanie Miller's powerful account of her near fatal car accident is both awe-inspiring and motivational. Her description of her devastating injuries will cause the reader to wince with pain, but at the same time, her ensuing struggle to overcome her grievous wounds will inspire jubilation.

On February 1, 2006, Stephanie Miller was involved in a serious automobile accident in which she was gravely injured. Her most serious injuries were a C-2 neck fracture, a left hip, and a right ankle fracture. For six months following the accident, Miller wore a neck brace—day and night. For those entire 180 days, she was never allowed to remove the brace, not even for a brief moment.

Miller's recovery from injry was nothing short of miraculous. A break in this particular part of the spine is known as the hangman's fracture, and is the exact type of dire injury that paralyzed and led to the death of the late actor, Christopher Reeve.

Collision with Destiny is an encouraging message of hope, which is delivered in a very intimate, honest manner. The chapters are reminiscent of journal entries, giving the reader implausible insight into what the author is experiencing from the moment of the accident to her triumphant recovery, as well as every emotional encounter in between.

What some might interpret as chance or coincidence, Miller wisely attributes her recovery to a higher power. Her story is a testimony to Christ, a miraculous example of healing, and undisputed proof of the indomitable human spirit. The book includes specific Biblical scriptures on which the author bases her beliefs, faith and convictions. There are also pictures to document her body's long road to recovery.

Miller has a very comfortable approach to her writing. The reader will feel as though they are listening to a dear, trusted friend, never once doubting her honesty or principles. It will reaffirm the believer, challenge the unbeliever, and encourage all.

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