Consequences to Sin
by Robert Lehr

"This was no practical joke. Neither was this a simple rousting. It was an attempted payback murder."

Matt wakes up in the desert much the worse for wear. What has happened to him? Why is he there? Even though he can’t remember exactly what transpired, his condition is such that he comes to believe someone must have purposely left him there to die. Who could have done such a thing—and why?

That dramatic opening sets the stage for the rest of Lehr’s novel. Since Matt can’t remember anything about the events or individuals involved in his precarious situation, he suggests to the police that he put together a narrative of his life as best he remembers it in the hope that doing so may cause some potential suspects to emerge. The remainder of the book traces Matt’s life as his story unspools to Ashley, the woman he’s fallen madly in love with. It's a story that covers tumultuous times, mainly from the 1960s through the 1980s. High School, college, service in Viet Nam—all become part of a narrative that is primarily centered on the first real love of his life, Kathy.

Lehr fills his tale of Matt’s life with people, places, and events that marked an era. And while the climax after such an involved life story may seem a bit abrupt, the author skillfully provides the answers to the initial mystery. Lehr breathes life into his characters by exploring their emotional makeup as well as their physical attributes and behavior. He infuses jaunts to different parts of the country and abroad with specific details that add authenticity. His descriptions of his principal characters love for one another focus both on sexual and spiritual bonds. Readers who lived through the time period in which this book is set may find the novel evokes many memories.

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