by DC Mallery
Black Opal Books

"So it became a psyops program… The military has a long history of trying to exploit telepathy as part of psychological operations."

Jensen Carter has never forgiven himself for the accident that cost his wife’s life and his daughter’s sight. He has since been relentless in his pursuit of a cure for that blindness. Audra, his daughter, is much less concerned with her lost sight. She is a fearless woman with uncanny instincts. Reluctantly, she agrees to be part of another of her father’s attempts at restoring sight alongside a handful of others whose blindness is uniquely like hers. However, her father doesn’t realize that his colleagues are secretly funded to help create a group of psychic soldiers and will be adding an experimental drug to the test subjects. It won’t be long before the study participants realize that sight can be much more dangerous than blindness.

Mallery’s novel is a fast-paced thriller that is part X-Files mixed with a dash of CSI. Along with the bodies that begin to pile up are the questions about what exactly is happening to these people and who is responsible. It is easy to disregard a couple of inconsistencies in a story whose momentum consistently builds from start to finish. Mallery does a great job creating interesting characters with reasonable motives driving their actions. This gives his story weight and credibility which allow it to explore science fiction elements without losing the sense that it is grounded in a reality the reader knows and understands. At its heart, it is a story of a man driven by guilt and motivated by love. Readers will identify with this and find themselves caring about the characters and the outcome of their story.

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