"Those who waste their time are not qualified to complain that life is too short"

Creativity and faith have been the defining factors the author attributes to his personal and professional achievements. From an early age, he recognized a link between his creative vision and the solutions he implemented… which obtained positive results. In this brief, motivational memoir, the author shares a practice of resourceful methodology that has guided his actions, culminating in both a fulfilling life and prosperous career. By exerting an energetic focus on the task at hand, he proves that determination is the key to reaping a rewarding outcome. Documenting business and personal highlights, the author seeks to leave an inspirational record of life experiences for his grandchildren with his message that we are all capable of great accomplishments through hard work and applying our best effort in all actions.

Separated into two distinct sections, Book One focuses on the power of positive thinking and approaching challenging situations with an optimistic attitude. Book Two outlines landmark court cases won by the author. Law students and emerging attorneys will find the author’s case studies, which detail the creative process behind successful patent cases, beneficial to developing a strategic approach to solving a client’s lawsuit. Nahm provides comprehensive examples of cases in which he represented plaintiffs and defendants, regarding international trademark issues and website domain name disputes. Emphasizing the importance of establishing trust with clients, the author encourages young professionals to invest in relationship building practices for career development. His most valuable message is relayed from his humble beginnings: our past does not define our journey, and we are each responsible for creating a unique formula for success and happiness.

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