Echoes Through Time
by Gitta Bernauer
Trafford Publishing

"Look around and what you see
Are chaotic souls afire
Sense of truth in this reality
Draped in coats of greed and power."

This collection is a culmination of forty years of poetry. From the mystique of the book cover and illustrations to the medieval style feel of the pages and, ultimately, to the poetry itself, it is a complete and riveting experience. While the illustrations in poems like “Candle” reel the reader in, Bernauer brings the poetry to life with the ideal concoction of imagery, syntax, and rhythm. In “Candle,” for instance, the descent of the white droplets of wax shows time fleeing and the speaker’s need to be decisive. More than anything, the author clearly exhibits a unique sense of cadence and pacing, infusing an almost musical quality to the poetry.

The compilation features an expansive range of themes, including but not limited to chivalry, fertility, and coming of age as seen in “Cherished” or the somber yet fiery tone in “Solitary” that discusses the journey of life that so many have walked before us. However, the primary theme—expressed through a multitude of similes, metaphors, and personification—is introspection into the soul and the journey of the human spirit. Whether it is the personification of serenity in “Eagle” or the symbolism of the flickering flame of hope that always seems within our grasp in “The Keeper,” Bernauer tries to probe deeper into the experiences that give us our humanity and shows how one can search within to find peace. The epitome of the peaceful poem is “Echoes,” where the chaos of the readers’ day will give way to soothing images of grains of sand bathed in moonlight while immersed in the melodic echoes of the Spanish guitar. Both casual poetry enthusiasts and the poetry purist will find the surreal qualities of this collection unquestionably captivating.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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