“Edstudioz Edtertainment – Remember Me”: Poems, Lyrics, Letters & Messages
by Penny N. Kuria-Pettigrew on behalf of Edwin Henry Kuria

"I will die before my time because I already feel the shadow’s depth."

Kenyan-born Edwin Kuria had dreams of becoming a music producer and songwriter but tragically died before he could achieve success. Kuria left behind a trove of writings including lyrics and letters stored in his room—a place of inspiration which he called Edstudioz Edtertainment. This collection of writings curated by his grieving mother reveals an introspective, talented man on the cusp of fulfilling his destiny. Deeply religious and achingly ambitious, Kuria writes lyrics, poems, and prose glorifying and questioning God, celebrating his dreams of fame, and lamenting his fatherless childhood. Kuria also emulates Tupac Shakur and acknowledges his influence which is evident both in his premonitions of an early death and in his love for his mother. Through his writings, he explores themes of loss and struggle, hope and longing, love and family, and, ultimately, identity as an African man, lover of music, and fervent Christian.

The pages of this collection pulse with youthful energy and capture what it means to find your voice. Kuria buzzes with possibility as he riffs and rhymes through the hazards of adolescence and the heights of creativity. To read this collection is to witness a young soul awakening to his power and to his poetry. He gives voice to a generation of young people who see rap music and lyrics as an expression of personal experience akin to confessional poetry. Kuria also validates the global influence of rap music and confirms that rappers are poets. Both the foreword and introduction provide valuable biographical information that guide the reading and interpretation of the collection. Clearly, the publication of these writings serves as a living tribute from a mother to a son whose life was cut short.

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