Electromagnetic Energy of the Human Mind: Physics of the Mind
by Prof Tapan K. Chaudhuri, Prof Tushar K. Chowdhury, Prof Tandra R. Chaudhuri, Sree Taposh K. Chowdhury, and Srimati Bulu R. Chowdhury
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"... mind and soul can only be explained by the science of physics... because mind and soul are at the subatomic level and cannot be seen, heard, and felt..."

This intriguing treatise is a collaborative effort between a medical specialist in nuclear and internal medicine, a biophysical innovator and professor of physiology, and a cancer researcher and professor of radiology specializing in early cancer detection. These three are joined by a spiritual guru and Divine Mentor as well as a spiritual intern and disciple. All five of these co-authors share a profound sense of self and God from having served as spiritual interns, disciples, and devotees under the guidance of a Divine Mentor. Author Chaudhuri attributes some of the conclusions of this book to the knowledge and wisdom he acquired during a near-death experience. Each of the authors has attained spiritual knowledge through meditation which they believe leads them closer to understanding God as the electromagnetic energy of the mind. The authors theorize that God exists in the electromagnetic energy (EME) that runs through all human life, yet he isn’t perceived unless he is sought. To comprehend the workings of God in one’s life, one must seek out the spiritual world through prayer, worship, and meditation. Otherwise, all that happens on earth, even human consciousness, is merely an illusion.

The authors have packed much to ponder in this little book. To their credit, it is filled with analogies to help lay readers navigate unfamiliar concepts. For example, the mind is compared to a smartphone and God’s presence to the Internet in one analogy, making the theory accessible to most readers. Similar examples, along with charts and illustrations, are used throughout which also assist readers in understanding their hypothesis concerning the formation of the soul and mind through electromagnetic energy. This thought-provoking theory based on particle physics and quantum mechanics will interest those who enjoy works that meld science and spirituality.

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