Emele's Night Goddess: Book III
by Steve Pierce

"Ian tossed the head to the woman’s feet, but she was paralyzed with fear, unable to move. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out."

This book expands on a story that was begun in two earlier volumes. In this continuation, readers learn more about the fate of a virtual family of vampires, and, in particular, sisters who are living their lives in relative anonymity until a stranger arrives on the scene.

A New York club called Queen of the Night is where Claudia and her sisters perform as strippers. One night, Ian, also a vampire, walks in. Ian recognizes Claudia for what she really is, and being the dominant vampire, he begins to pull her into his web. Their potential relationship gets complicated quickly as Ian’s companion, Nadia, begins to suspect that Ian is making plans to replace her. Agendas begin to collide. Non-vampires are soon in danger of becoming vampires. Claudia comes to believe Ian is after both members of her family and what they’ve accomplished. Soon, as the saying goes, hell decidedly breaks loose.

When it comes to sex and violence, author Pierce doesn’t spare the latter. He vividly depicts necks being bitten, blood running freely, claws ripping into flesh, and heads being torn off. He even describes the differing tastes of blood—blood accented by fear, anger, hate, love, or, most strongly, lust. Sex, on the other hand, is addressed without graphic detail. His vampires’ dialogue has the ring of everyday conversation. However, his literary effort is perhaps most noteworthy in the colossal life-and-death brawl between his major protagonists just prior to book’s end. It’s quite likely that vampire aficionados will find this fast-paced tale rather tasty—assuming one has a taste for the macabre.

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