"The book examines the necessary skills and attitudes required to work cooperatively to achieve situations characterized by clarity of purpose, trusting relationships, and high achievement."

With his experience in leadership, mentoring, and coaching, the author offers an exceptional look at the “Game of Life” by relating this work to golf. But for those non-golfers, understanding of that game is not necessary for looking at the information regarding how to function in life, particularly at work, including leadership positions and the skills necessary to be effective. With chapters on topics such as vision statements, planning and goal setting, confidence, attitude, accountability, effective leadership, and how to win, the book takes the reader through a step-by-step account of how to utilize potential for the greatest success. Utilizing charts, lists, and case studies, the book guides the reader through the main tasks of mentoring others.

The work is expansive, covering the basics of how to achieve success and help others as well as providing more in-depth discussions in several chapters. It is well-written in a format that is easily read while still maintaining the integrity of being a book with much depth of thought. The charts and lists, such as examples of vision statements, tips for enhancing communication, effective leadership skills, and ways to manage difficult people make the reading effective not only for the intellectual discourse but also for easy ways to learn how to be an effective mentor. The case studies then put the information together in a real-life situation which also makes learning by example quite helpful. You won’t be bored with this clinical work as it is engaging, and each chapter leads nicely into the next chapter. This book is for those who want to improve their own work life and the lives of others in the work setting. The only difficult part is how to utilize these insights into your own practice; if you do, then you will be well on your way to healthy mentoring.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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