Experiencing God’s Love Through His Creation!
by Robert Negron
Trafford Publishing

"Seek God and find His amazing love that you may share it with others. Be a light in darkness!"

This short book is a collection of devotionals―each with a meditation, a stunning photograph, and inspirational verse―that prompt a reader to look to the heavens and seek God’s glory revealed through creation. The author began photographing the awe-inspiring skies of Florida to find solace after the death of his youngest grandson. This book shares with readers the peace, and even joy, he and his family have discovered.

The thirty-five devotionals can be read consecutively or in any order. Meditations are based around scripture verses taken, for example, from the prophecy of Isaiah, the gospel of John, the letter to the Galatians, and the book of Revelation. Each meditation ends with a call to action presented as a question, a prayer, or a challenge. For example, “Is the Lord calling you to demonstrate this type of love to someone you know?”
Lined journal pages are provided next to each meditation. Suggested questions encourage the reader to pause, consider, and then record personal feelings of praise and worship.

Services of a professional editor would have improved the final outcome. For example, adding a descriptive title to each devotional could have captured the reader’s interest right from the Contents page. And varying journal questions might increase reader participation.

As a first book, this journal is an impressive accomplishment for Negron, both as the author and photographer. He sought advice from two respected pastors to ensure that it would be is inspiring. Negron firmly hopes that spending a month of prayerful consideration within this journal will encourage a deeper level of faith for the rest of the reader’s days.

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