Faith, Hope and Health
by Dr. Jan Cooper
Lettra Press

"It is in the confronting and overcoming of our own problems that we grow, and this is just as vital for our children isn’t it?"

When most people think of artists, they think of painters, sculptors, musicians, or anybody else operating in a creative field. Cooper provides guidance for all artists in this book, using that term in both the literal and figurative sense. Outlining steps for everybody to take involving the artistic process and the powers that colors can exhibit over our minds and bodies, this book sets out to teach people how to approach whatever their life’s calling is as if they are making an artistic masterpiece. Beginning with overcoming the obstacles and harmful habits that we put in our way, each chapter teaches readers to overcome those and then excel in their chosen profession or hobby with a positive mindset.

Combining spirituality and practical advice into one, this book will help people get back on the track they envision for themselves and succeed. The approach of this book separates it from its peers that also claim to have the answers. By dividing up its wisdom into practical or physical advice and emotional or metaphysical teachings, Cooper gives readers a multi-faceted approach that will give them help on all sides of their problem. Quotations from other authors and thinkers are provided at the end of several chapters, collecting topical thoughts from respected individuals spanning time and various fields. The last portion of the book is a collection of short stories and humorous anecdotes that provide inspiration and levity on a number of concerns addressed throughout the book. Uplifting and enabling, this is a great read for anybody who needs extra motivation or direction in pursuing the thing that provides them the most joy and fulfillment in life.

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