Final Days of Judgement
by Beverley Buckley
Xlibris AU

"Once the lessons are learnt, there is no need to repeat the experiences that have allowed us to learn that which we needed to learn."

Describing her own awakening and attunement to a new concept, the author of this book shares her enlightening revelations about the future of the planet and how it will affect humanity. Using wisdom that she channeled from the Elohim, the council that will guide the earth’s new transition, she was given twelve laws, twelve degrees of freedom, and the message that each person has twelve core issues they need to resolve. Using her method of Stress Defusion to help both herself and others, she prepares people to move beyond fear and greed-based motivations as the increasing vibrational frequency of the planet will bring people with it out of the third dimension and into the fifth. As this transition continues to occur both in the world and its people, Buckley shares what she has learned personally and through the Elohim’s laws to lead others toward harmony.

With the exception of the introductory chapters that lay the foundation for the learning in this book and the conclusion that shows how to move forward after taking everything in, each chapter in this book concerns one of the twelve laws. From the rules of attraction to our flawed thinking on how balance is achieved to discovering our purpose for life and existence, there is an integration of both what we can do now to improve and what we can look forward to as humanity ascends. That combination of present and future allows readers to put a plan in place immediately while working towards a long-term improvement. Providing new ideas and a message of empowerment and ability to its readers, this is a great read for those that feel like they’re stuck, in a rut, or incapable of creating change in their lives.

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