Finding Hope
by Aura Polanco

"I am so deeply sorry, and if I could change anything, I honestly wish it were me who had lost his life and not your son."

When Kate Connor’s young son is tragically killed in a car accident, she abandons her life in New York for the calming waters and peaceful comfort of Okinawa, Japan. Here she begins to face the insurmountable grief of her only child’s death and to find a way through the suffering to acceptance and, eventually, renewed hope and joy.

Running parallel to Kate’s grief is the story of Rey Aguilar, the man who was driving the car that killed Kate’s son. He is cleared of all wrongdoing in the tragic accident because of a defect in the steering and brakes of the car. After his own painful physical and mental recovery, he writes a letter to Kate to explain and to apologize. This initial action begins a relationship that develops through an exchange of lovely letters that reveal these characters’ abilities to forgive. The letters also spark an attraction that is solidified when they meet in person.

This unique romance/travelogue has all the ingredients needed to tell a story rich in conflict that threatens to keep apart two people drawn to each other and clearly falling in love. Before Kate can give herself to Rey, she must accept that he has killed her son in a terrible accident that is no fault of his. Polanco’s ability as a storyteller makes readers believe love is possible in the midst of impossible circumstances. Choosing happiness over sorrow allows Kate and Rey to embrace the second chance they have been given to live a life filled with love. This is a moving story about redemption and forgiveness that captures the joy of falling in love but also realizes the barriers that can sometimes make relationships difficult. Polanco captures the bitter and the sweet of a romance built on so much sorrow.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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