"Within the ritual all is symbolism, and allowing our self to immerse totally into that symbolism we can allow our self to let go."

Looking both personally and practically at Goddess spirituality and modern Wicca, the author of this text shares her perspectives on ritual and how to celebrate and embody the aspects of the Goddess throughout life. Though traditionally, only the Maiden, Mother, and Crone are recognized, this book proposes another phase—that of the Woman—to be added for consideration. Examining each Aspect individually, there is advice on how to use the strengths of each both during that period of a woman’s life and also how to use the appropriate energy depending on the task. Examples and explanations of rituals for each are provided at the end of most chapters, as well as information about astrology and the zodiac, and how the zodiac influences and informs the appropriate Aspect of the Goddess.

Full of information, anyone with an interest in this subject from beginner to expert can learn something from this refreshing perspective. By embracing the Aspect of the Woman, an empowering period of self-fulfillment is promised between the nurturing Mother and the wise Crone. Even for those who may not be so spiritually inclined, there is a lot of valuable information and advice for women who feel blocked or impeded from reaching their full potential by a patriarchal society. Ultimately written for those who are involved in Goddess spirituality, however, there is much to gain if you have an interest in this field through the information on how to properly organize and lead a ritual or celebrate an appropriate observance. Full of time-honored and new ideas, this book is an ideal read for any practitioner looking for support, guidance, and an understanding of the energies flowing within her.

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