The Four Elements of Transformation:
How to Create Radical and Sustainable Change
by Janet E. Lapp, RN, Ph.D. Demeter Press

"Each of us already carries deep within us the ancient truths contained in the Laws, because they are part of our collective memory."

In her insightful and an easy-to-understand manual, Janet E. Lapp, PhD., teaches readers how to use the ancient four elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth to push past frustrations, failures, and setbacks to create a positive, radical change in their life.

The author, a psychologist, embarked on the journey to write this book after she had a mystical experience in Mexico. Divided into four parts, the book describes each of the four elements and what lessons the seeker can gain from working with them. The elements need to be studied in a correct order to bring about positive changes. In a gist, Earth deals with Alignment and finding one's Self, Water calls for Order that people need to establish in their lives to be successful, Air teaches how best to spend one's Energy, and the Fire is Expansion, which will come about if the seeker completes elements 1-3. The book is full of examples from everyday life, such as the workplace, and helpful sidebars and quotes are scattered throughout to help keep the reader on track. There is also a Notes section at the end of the book, where various things from the text are explained in detail, from dopamine to carbohydrates.

In addition, The Four Elements Journal accompanies the book as a handy exercise guide, and its exercises and the questionnaires are meant to be completed along with studying the elements. The author's friendly voice and writing style challenges the reader to do what is necessary to bring about positive change. This is a perfect book for someone who wants to grow spiritually or for anyone seeking personal transformation.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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